White Water Rafting @ Rishikesh

White Water Rafting @ Rishikesh

White water rafting is a challenging recreational outdoor adventure activity. An inflatable raft is used to navigate through the fast flowing bodies of water. The tidal effect and ferocity of the white waters is what thrills and excite the raft passengers.

The inflatable raft/boat is made up of a very durable, multi-layered material with independent air chambers. The length and width of the raft varies between 10 to 20ft and 6 to 8ft respectively.

Rafting Grades

The rapids anywhere are graded in accordance with the international standards depending on its difficulty level and technicality involved. As an individual one can select which level/stretch of rapids they would like to tackle and gradually progress further.

Basic (Grade 1): Very easy with small rides and easy to maneuver through. Best for kids and elders

Standard (Grade 2): Easy with small rides or few rocks, that gives a fair idea of the rafting techniques. Best for starters and non swimmers

Moderate (Grade 3): Smaller waves and drops, requires a guide’s help to maneuver the raft through. Best for non swimmers but experienced OR swimmers & starters.

Technical (Grade 4): Medium level waves with splashes, drops, rocks and sharp turns. A white water experienced personnel is required as at times it can be technical. Best for strong swimmers only


Rafting Stretches

There are 3 stretches on the river Ganga which is available to non professional rafters depending on the age, experience and adventure quotient of an individual.

Stretch I: Marine Drive to Nim Beach is the longest rafting stretch which is of approximately 27 kms and has almost 9-10 ranging from grade 1-3 rapids. It takes around 3 hrs to complete this stretch. Cliff jumping falls en-route.

Stretch II: Shivpuri to Nim Beach is of approximately 16 kms and takes around 2 hrs including cliff jumping. Depending on season this stretch consisting of 5-7 rapids of Grade 1-3. A perfectly good stretch for the first timers to test their endurance and adventure freakiness. Cliff jumping falls en-route.

Stretch III: Brahampuri to Laxman Jhula is the mildest stretch for kids and elderly people. The stretch consist of 3-4 rapids of grade 1 & 2.


The Wall

For those who have tried their hands several times on the above mentioned rafting stretch can try ‘THE WALL”,  a grade 4 technical rapid where in all probability the raft flips tossing everyone out in the river. To do this rapid one has to start rafting from Kaudiyala. Between Kaudiyala & Marine drive this is the only exciting rapid in almost an hour’s journey. This rapid is advisable for strong swimmers only.


  • A raft can accommodate from 6-8 folks comfortably plus an instructor.
  • As per the rules & regulation an instructor in each raft is mandatory. In case of big groups kayakers also accompany for extra safety precaution.
  • Instructors are well qualified and licensed by the authorities
  • Listen and adhere to all instructions carefully as the river can be treacherous.
  • Wearing life jacket and helmet is mandatory for all as they can save and keep you afloat in case the raft flips or you fall into the water.
  • Do not enter the water even for fun without a life jacket and notifying the camp manager, instructor or the tour leader.

Other Adventures

Besides river rafting there an array of adventure activities that one can enjoy in and around the area. Following is the list of activities that one can indulge while being there.

  • Camping
  • Jungle Safari
  • Bungee Jumping, flying fox, giant swing
  • Kayaking (courses in kayaking are also available)
  • Cliff Jumping
  • Trekking/ Hiking
  • Mountain Cycling
  • Mo-Biking
  • Rafting Expeditions – Camp & Raft
  • Raft Wars

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