Trekking from Barot; Camping at Billing; Paragliding to Bir;

Trekking from Barot; Camping at Billing; Paragliding to Bir;


Paragliding to Bir;

Fishing at Barot

Backpacks fully loaded with fruits and fluids; torch and tees; caps and jackets; all essential gear; We take the road less travelled or make our own roads When your grip must be hard, feet stable and vision clear; Push your stamina to the extreme; accept your bruises but soar high.We take the road less traveled or make our own roads;

Trekking from Barot

Cool booze down my throat; hot & spicy chicken kicks the sport. When our bonfires become bone-fires; to avoid the odor of the prey to the carnivores; Glowing eyes of the hyenas & foxes; growlling looks of the furry dogs; When the hash tables in my software becomes a puff of hash cigar in my hands.

Camping at Billing

Cool breeze rushing through my hairs; hot blood gushing through my veins. Cities and towns become squares & rectangles. I love the room between me and the ground

Paragliding over the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas

sharath post bir billing trip                                      Sharath Choudhary after Paragliding in Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh

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