The Indian Adventurers we meet on our Travel

India is full of adventure destinations. Also being such a diversified country culturally; we often come across some interesting and different people on our travels. But more often than you think we find a good friend in them and a companion to remember. Here are some of the types of Indian travelers that we might encounter on our adventures: The Lone Wolf There are some avid travellers who travel the country solo style. These people consider the nature to be their sole companion and marvel the beauty of Mother Nature. They are however the most interesting people to meet as they have many interesting stories to share about their journeys. They have generally travelled to most of the destinations and are always looking for new destination to travel. 717018.TIF These are very rare people to meet but, if you meet one do invite them to be your friend; as they can give insight for your next travel destination or help you with some friendly tips while travelling. They are the most helpful person you can encounter. The Escapist These are the people who are just trying to get away from their daily livelihood. They want to take a break from their monotonous life and seek to enjoy the peacefulness. They usually travel to the most travelled destinations and keep to themselves. Mostly they travel with their friends and like-minded people. image-4 2 Although these people stick to their own circle but can be quite talkative once you get to know them. They always welcome refreshing new faces, but will not extend their hand first. Friends for Life They are friends for life and travel in group. They will do anything together or won’t do it at all. They travel and enjoy their life with each other. Their group means life to them and traveling is just a small part of their friendship. They are very friendly and like to meet people around them. These people enjoy to the fullest and are the happy go lucky travelers. image-3 They are fun and enthusiastic people, so do make sure to make good friends with them. Because you never know they can become your best friends too. The Selfie-ist/ Instagramophile These are the natural photographers. They have some of the amazing pictures of their travel log in their phone. They capture every moment of their travel into their phone and relive each moment forever. These people are high on socialism and you can connect to them very easily. Travelling is fun to them and they know the best of people around town. Because of their excellent social skills they can adapt and mingle very easily. image-4 2 To them the world is in their phone and they prize it more than anything. It is actually said that you can visit a whole new destination through their phone. Meet someone like them and your travel may be more picturesque than you imagined it to be. The Family Guy There are some people who travel with their family. They are friendly and helpful and will have loads of advice to give you. They act like the older guide and will give you references to things and tell you some exciting stories of the nearby localities. image-5 They enjoy being with their family and have a good heart. Although you might find some self-obsessed families as well who do not like to be troubled. They usually visit all the nearby places especially the temples and give you the complete history of the land and its culture. It is sometimes very helpful to know these facts. The Know It All You may not always like to entertain these people. But they will inevitably find you. These people give you all the free advice you need or maybe not. They have great social skill and can talk for hours. They have a fixed opinion about things and will try to project them on you. Sometimes they are very helpful and at times not much. Either way, getting in on some free advice is never harmful. image-6 (1) They can talk in large groups easily and can make everybody feel friendly around them. When travelling in groups they are the best resourceful and helpful person around; because they always have something to say. College Re-livers These are the friendliest people to meet on your travel. They usually keep to themselves and always welcome company. They travel to relive their memories with their friends and reconnect with each other. They go along just well with everyone and seek new experiences. image-7 For them the best way to reconnect with each other is always a memorable trip with their group. They make new friends along the way and also renew their friendship with their old ones. You can get to know each other very well and find a good company while travelling. The Photographer As we all know photographs are always part of the trip. These people carry an individual bag for their camera and are truly photograph enthusiasts. To them nature is an endless picturesque space. They have some amazing photographs to share and can show you the wonder of Mother Nature. Oman - National Geographic Traveler Meet new photographers and get to know about photography. They might send you some amazing photographs of the trip and may also travel with you. For them travelling is a great motivation to take new photographs. The Party Animal Everybody likes to party but there are a few who think partying is the way to live. Meeting such people can be great if you want to have a great time. They will enjoy every bit like there is no tomorrow. All night long they can be excellent conversationalist and buddy. image-9 If you want to have a great time, without worries they are the people. They have everything you need from booze to smoke and are not afraid to share. Not to forget, there is a high chance of hangover the next morning. The Free Spirit They occasionally talk and act like hippies free from their social bounds. Travelling is their hobby and is frequent traveller. They even enjoy every bit of their journey but in their own way. Calm and quite they enjoy the best of both worlds and make the most of it. image-10 These are the silent companion you can always count on. They will be with you when you need them to be.


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