Sahiya Caving a lifetime experience

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Caving has become a relatively new sport adventure activity that has attracted greater number of tourists to India. It has caught popularity in 2000’s as today’s generation is very particular about their health and fitness. Budher Caves and Sahiya caves in Chakrata located in the Himalayas Uttranchal is attracting many people from Delhi NCR and all over India to have this unusual caving experience. Sahiya is right mix of history, adventure, mystery spirituality, meditation, and the cave explorations.

vXplor Adventures PChakrata Cavingrivate Limited, located in Noida (since 2010) has introduced this adventurous sport in Uttrakhand. Caving helps to keep a person physically and mentally fit. For caving the company charges a nominal and affordable amount ranging from 1000-2000 Rs per person. For other curricular activities (camping, cycling etc) you have to shed your pocked a bit.

vXplor Adventures  are mainly for those who are ready to face the darkest place on earth, wildest of your dreams and weirdest of imagination. If you are planning to experience caving, then Chakrata is ideal destination without giving a second thought. If you are on your way to plan a healthy memorable holiday with full of adventure and unusual experience then Sahiya Caves is all you are looking for. Tourists are abiding by certain rules and regulations to keep the place clean and green for the tourists to have a good experience. Caving helps you to fight back your fear as most of the time the visitors does not easily get into the cave once they see the darkness and little space to get into the cave.

When I heard about Sahiya from one of my friend I was very curious to go there to fight my fear of darkness. Finally I managed to have the guts to book my tickets to Sahiya all alone as I did not wanted my friends and family to make fun of my fear. I gathered all the information and get to know that vXplor Adventures do have their trained and experienced guides who accompanies us to get into the caves.


When I reached sahiya I met my instructor and guide who assured me that I need not to be scared at all but somewhere down the line I knew that this is going to happen as I was going to get into the sandwich of the rocks. However my guide spurs me to get inside with tweaks and turns. Sahiya caves is located after crossing a small stream, the entrance is hard to find without a guide, it really doesn't look like you could make an entry from there. The entrance is a little tough, but if you get to cross it its lot more easier and fun.

Snow Trek - BudherTalking about Budher Caves, it's in the mid of beautiful green meadows where you can reach after a trek of 6-7 kms through amazing oak and pine forest all around. The caves have an initial 25 meters crawl area wherein one can easily squeeze through followed by a drop of 250 ft which would require serious rock climbers to be conquered. Sahiya is amongst the most beautiful cave in the world. Thanks to vXplor Group for helping me to overcome my fear, it was a lifetime experience for me. I was waiting from a long time to have such adventurous experience. I am planning to go further in the caves next month with my family. If you too are interested in exploring caves stay in touch with vXplor Group.

Some caving tips

  1. Never go alone, always go in a group when you are going for first time.
  2. Use the shoes with rubber base.
  3. Wear cotton clothes.
  4. Take some energy food and drinks along.
  5. Take sources of light.
  6. Wear helmet to avoid head injuries.
  7. Wear gloves, knee and elbow guards to avoid mishap during your visit.

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