A Nomadic Life To Remember

Show Off Your Nomadic Side at Nomadic Camping

Has it been long since you spent quality time with your friends? Do your friends sarcastically remind you of the time you last met them? For most of us, our daily chores hardly leave us with much time to meet up our buddies. Well, it’s time to break-free from your text books, office files, and kitchen etc to enjoy a memorable time with your friends.

If you are a member of crazy and naughty friends circle, reunite with them by going for ‘Nomadic Camping’. A relatively new concept, Nomadic Camping will give you crude camping experience involving lots of fun which would bring you close to nature. Equally, camping will revive sweet memories of the time you had shared long back with your dear pals.

Away from the hustle-bustle of city life, Nomadic Camping is a relief to enjoy serene nature and experience the life with limited modern facilities. On your trip, you get to enjoy self pitching of tent to make stay for yourself. You will also have to hunt for woods to ignite the fire for the dark night (as there will be no electricity). If you love to cook, you have an option to cook as well on the firewood or maybe you can enjoy barbeque with friends.  As the night turns darker you can simply relax gazing at the stars and listen to never-ending stories of your friends.  To add more fun, you can sing in chorus and dance around the warmth of bon-fire.

Exhausted… fall asleep in your tent and remove the waterproof hood of the tent (keeping the mosquito net intact or they will carry you off…J) to experience what it feels like sleeping under the sky. As a part of your camping, you will also learn survival techniques, finding directions, map reading etc.

Don’t these activities fill you with excitement? Believe me friends; Nomadic camping is worth experience something unique and different in life.  Below are some of our handpicked locations for Nomadic Camping:

Adventure Hangout, Narainpur

With the tadka of desi-style, Adventure Hangout brings the fun exemplified in rural environment. Based at Narainpur, an hour’s drive from Noida this village themed getaway is ideal to enjoy Nomadic camping.  The remote beauty of this place adds charm to your camping trip. With no concrete building to see, with no busy traffic, life will is at peace here. So, visit Adventure Hangout for Nomadic trip to have blasting fun with your friends over the weekends.

Kanasar, Chakrata

A lesser known destination, Kanasar is located approximately at 2200 m in Uttrakhand. The picturesque beauty of Kanasar makes it a near to perfect destination for Nomadic camping. In addition, the location promises to offer opportunities for some adventure activities as well blended with tremendous fun that you would love to indulge in with your group.

Kunjkharak Near Nainital

Kunjkharak, located at an elevation of 2323m, is yet another location to explore with friends on your Nomadic Camping trip. Camping at the backdrop of far off Himalayan  range and surrounding of tall Oak, Pine and Deodar trees make you feel closer to the nature.  Early morning, getting up in your tent listening to chirping of stunning birds is an amazing feeling. You will be delighted to watch out birds like Lammergeier, Himalyan and Eurasian Griffon etc found here.

Hatu Peak Near Narkanda, Shimla

Though not a much hyped location, but a visit to Hatu Peak, is something you will never regret. Located at 3400 m height at Narkanda in Shimla, this is one of the preferred locations of people who love adventure. Nomadic Camping at Hatu Peak is a never-forgetting getaway option to enjoy quality time with your friends amid the serene beauty of lush nature. Enjoy camping at the peak and watch out beautiful scenic views the place has to offer - the dense forests, beautiful lake, fascinating Hatu temple etc.

So, don't let your next weekend go in vain. Instead plan out Nomadic camping to any of the above locations with your friends and let them know being with them means fun and laughter to you.


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