This article is written by Amarpreet Singh; who was the vXplor Buddy for the following Nag Tibba Trek. To all our readers this, gives y a firsthand experience as to what to expect when travelling for Nag Tibba Trek.

Nag Tibba ('Serpent's Peak'), 3,022 metres (9,915 ft) is an ideal weekend trek suited for most people looking for a refresher from the boring routine. This trek can be done throughout the winter season. The trek can be done in 2 days from Delhi which makes it an ideal trek for weekends. Given its moderate level of challenge, anyone with a normal fitness can do this trek. The trek offers some of the best camping locations. The route goes through thick deodar forest and remote regions with almost no habitation.

DAY 0- Delhi to Dehradun Overnight

I started my journey for Nag Tibba from Delhi by road as vXplor Buddy and trek lead. We reached Dehradun the following morning at 5:15 AM.  I am with Srikant, Nilesh , and Mini and few others in our group of all youngsters full of energy.

DAY 1- Dehradun to Sirkot 80 Km & Sirkot to Nag Tibba Base (7627 ft) 5 km Trek

We were a group of 17 People. Once we reached Nainbagh in the morning, it was time for breakfast which included Aloo Paratha with Tea at a Lodge. We freshened up for trek and packed snacks like juice and fruits for the trek uphill. Nainbagh is a small village town with lots of resting places for en-route travellers. Sirkot is about an hour’s drive from Nainbagh; where trek trail starts. The Weather was clear and pleasant and I felt energetic to start the trek. Srikant was excited because he was trekking for the first time.

We started the day trek with some briefing on Nagtibba. We started the day trek with some briefing on. The briefing included some basic instructions to be followed during the trek. Each one was given a snack pack that was supposed to be carried along with them and to be consumed as and when required. Water bottles were to be refilled at each water point during the route. The complete itinerary of the trip was explained as follows:

Total Trek Distance – 8km

Overnight Camping at Nagtibba Base – 5km from Sirkot

Following Morning trek to Jhandi and back around 2km from Nagtibba Base

Other instructions included helping each other along the way. Always to look out for the person in front of you and behind you such that no one gets lost. Be in groups and in case of emergency call out for help.

vXplor also complies with ecofriendly tourism, therefore specific instructions were given as to not harm the environment in any way.

Day 1 Trek

The bags were packed and the shoes tied perfectly as I started trekking with the group. I and my support staff were all geared up for the adventure to unfold.  A cemented trail lead up from the village Sirkot towards Nag Tibba; after walking for 5 minutes the cemented trail ended and the trail changed into a rocky terrain (kachaa rasta) which followed throughout the rest of our journey. We had a wonderful view of step mountain formation on the right side. The view was very enchanting and left a photographic impression in my mind. As I looked up all I could see was the dusty thin path taking me one step at a time towards the green heaven.


 After hiking for 25 minutes the first water point came where we refilled our water reserves and continued on the trek. As we moved towards the base camp there were so many water points on route that getting drinking water didn’t seem a challenge. Although there are different ways to trek up to Nag Tibba but I am happy that we choose this route; as this route goes along a stream/river that provides ample source of water. We had to cross big rocks and slippery trails covered with tree leaves, the path became difficult as we climbed higher.


After an hour we took a little rest and I had my snack that is some nutritious fruits along with juice, I had packed earlier in the morning. After covering half of the distance the trail became steep and more slippery and challenging. After some helping and motivation and few power breaks we seemed to be near our destination. Total time to reach the Base Camp is about 4 hours; after taking 3 breaks I reached the base camp and we had covered a total distance of 5 km.


After 4 hours of wonderful scenic trails and glimpses of the wonderful valley down, we finally reached the base camp. Once there we started enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature. The base camp is on a big patch of cleared land close to the river, with mountains encompassing it from three sides like walls of a fortress. It was a truly a magnificent view. As the wind blew I could get the scent of fresh pine. The sweet and woody smell really had a relaxing effect on the mind and body. We started installing our camp and our cook started making Tea with Pakoda as per the weather. I was really looking forward for my overnight stay at Camp site with bonfire and with delicious dinner which included- Dal, Paneer and Aloo Matar, Rice and Chapati cooked on wood fire.



After having dinner we shared our experience thus far of Day 1; because for some of them it was their first trekking experience. Then after a long discussion around the bonfire and some fun everybody started getting tired and thus we decided it was time for some rest. I was really looking forward for the coming morning.

DAY 2- Nag Tibba Base Camp to Jhandi 2 km Trek (9200 Ft) - Jhandi to Sirkot (Total 7 km Trek) and Back to Delhi

Woke up at 7:00 AM in the morning and had tea. Everybody had a morning call so that we could get ourselves ready for trek. It was really cold and could see a bit of grey clouds above, nothing to worry as it was looking exciting. It was finally time to start a new day with some new experiences. We had our morning breakfast which included- maggie, bread butter and tea. Also we packed some snacks for the road.

We started trekking at 9 AM in the morning and reached Jhandi at 11 AM. The weather was pleasant and the trail was steep and was hard at times. After reaching Jhandi I visited Nag Devta Temple. The view from Jhandi was awesome as the clouds engulfed the valley and our surroundings. After taking rest and clicking some beautiful pictures started trekking downward back towards the base camp. It was not too easy to trek downward because the slopes were slippery at places. But we made it to the base camp in 55 min with good pace. When we reached the base camp lunch was ready and the smell of food got to my stomach. We had a wonderful lunch and as always the food was delicious.



We started packing our bags and tents and started leaving for Sirkot. Just as we started; it started raining with small little ice drops falling from above. I put on my rain coat which protected me from getting wet and sick. It was wonderful trek organized by vXplor Adventures and me being a part of it. When we reached Sirkot our Tempo traveler was waiting for us to take us back to Delhi. Our trek was about 9 km on Day 2 including the trek from Base Camp to Jhandi and then Jhandi to Base Camp and then to Sirkot.


IMG_1762 Special Thanks to our guide and the support staff.

The experience was great with all my fellow adventurers. On the way to Delhi we had our dinner at Dehradun and reached Delhi the next morning.


Best Moments of the trek:

  1. Reaching base camp after the long trek.
  2. A new experience of camping.
  3. The beautiful rain that started pouring down on us just as we started to head back.
  4. The Evening bonfire and sharing experiences.
  5. Reaching Jhandi and capturing the ecstatic view.

Do’s and Don’t’s for Nag Tibba Trek (Things to remember if you are planning Nag Tibba Trek)


  1. Carry woolens at all times
  2. Energy food and sufficient water
  3. Medicine and First aid kits
  4. Raincoat – as the weather unpredictable
  5. Do consult your doctor in case you have any major symptoms


  1. Do not litter.
  2. Do not over pack your backpack.
  3. Do not leave the camp site without informing anyone.
  4. Do not wander away during the night time.
  5. Do not leave any person behind.


Amarpreet Singh is a travelling fanatic. Over the last 5 years he has been to various destinations across Northern India. Chakrata - Tiger Falls, Kanatal Trek, and Corbett Wildlife Sanctuary are some of the well-known places and other tourist destinations. Given an opportunity he is always willing to discover new destinations. His most recent endeavors being the Nagtibba trek; which he completed in March 2014.