Nag Tibba Snow Trek

I and some of my friends decided to go for a trek and Nag Tibba trek came out to be a better choice. It is near Mussorie and is easily being considered as one of the best weekend treks that you can do out of Delhi. We have booked our train tickets in advance.

We left Delhi in the afternoon and reached Dehradun in the night after having a happy journey in train. We had an overnight stay at Dehradun itself and needed rest for the long day to come tomorrow.


We woke up at 5 A.M., had some tea and biscuits and left for Mussoorie. It was really very cold and we heard there had been snowfall. Around 9 A.M. we reached our destination, the weather had become better as the sun came up. A small village called Panthwari from where our trek was supposed to start. vXplor buddy Amarpreet Singh and others were already getting ready to begin the trek. We initiated our journey.


There was an initial long gradual walks going along cleared land for cultivation with breathtaking views of the forested ridge of Nag Tibba. The path was very steep at times.

There were some enthusiastic photographers; we took breaks for taking some beautiful pictures of the valley. We continued at a steady pace upwards. A km before the campsite, a vacant spot was a nice place for everyone to take break and enjoy the charming views of the valley.


We were given snack packs and refueled ourselves. After sometime, we continued with our journey. The adjoining ridge now started to show indication of snowfall. Soon after, our paths had started to have bits of snow patches. It was really an experience to walk on the snow. After 2 hours of walking up we finally reached our campsite.


We found a clear and dry patch where we could have pitch our tents. We learned how to pitch tents ourselves and was really fun. After the camps were ready with sleeping bags and camp mats; we were ready for some fun with snow. It was exciting to play with the snow for the first time.


The view around was just amazing with white and green color all around. It was getting dark and a bonfire was lit. We gathered around the bonfire sharing our experiences about our previous treks and things were a little musical too. We were served delicious soups and dinner was served by 8:30 pm. After dinner, we entered our camps trying to fit ourselves into the sleeping bag which was not easy and was really cold.



After a chilly night sleep, we got up around 6:00 A.M. in the morning and were served with hot tea/coffee. Temperature was 0 degree. We could see frost on top of our tents.

After breakfast, the plan was to continue our journey for Nag Tibba summit which would be a steep climb for two hours. The path was full of snow and it was a difficult climb. The snow was really thick at times and knee deep. As we reached the summit of Nag Tibba, we were amazed to see a snow carpeted meadow and a lovely view of the Himalayan peaks in the background.


Around noon, we came back and had lunch together and started to pack for descend down; back to Pantwari. Finally we all were back at Panthwari by 5 pm and got the bus for return journey to Dehradun.

Thanks to our vXplor buddy and vXplor for navigating us through the paths and making it a memorable journey.

Our journey was really thrilling and memorable. This snow trekking was easy to moderate. We really enjoyed spectacular views of Mussoorie and Bandarpoonch range. We will remember this trek always.


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