It is not Rocket Science, it’s my Dream

It is not Rocket Science, it’s my Dream

A crisp early morning sun reflected on my face. I was going to live my dream. I was going to make it happen. Skydiving was my dream. All throughout the night before; I was thinking of finally living it. Given a chance I would love to re-live this experience time and again.

I had gone for the static line jump, which means I was supposed to jump alone from the aircraft. Initially after reaching our destination @ Karnal Air Base, we had to go through the basic training for skydiving. The training was simple, informative and essential also. The whole facility was great and you could listen to all the planes landing and taking off. After a long training session we were asked to get ready in our jump suits and move towards the plane.

I climbed into the back of the plane, and a few minutes later we were rushing across the runway for takeoff. All was fine and easy before I was asked to step forward for taking the jump. Standing their all geared up I got a reality check. My mind was filled with doubts and the fear was overpowering my emotions. Taking that first step forward was the most challenging moment of this whole adventure. But I took that step, because for me it was the dream and also I thought if I backed out now I would not be able to achieve anything in the future.So making it my life’s mission I took the leap, I could feel my heartbeat skip as I closed my eyes and left myself free.

I was flying in the air! Those few minutes spent in the air were the most memorable of them all. After the parachute opened I guided down and I could feel the cold air blowing and when I looked down I could see the whole landscape in a miniature frame. When I finally landed I was lying flat on the ground and I couldn’t believe myself and I thought to myself- “Boss! I did it. I just did it.” I had a minor accident in my ankle; it was a hairline fracture. But the pain was of joy.

I enjoyed every moment of it and this whole experience was more worth than the accident. Despite all the setbacks I know I have achieved something today and will do it again. To all my readers who wish to do skydiving, I would like to say that, it is not rocket science. Overcoming this challenge will give you the self-motivation to take many more challenges.

Also since it was my second trip with vXplor, I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this experience. I can blindly say that they will always provide me the best trips. Thanks to the vXplor team for all the effort and best wishes to them. P.S. A dream came true and loved every moment of it.

This blog is written by Shaleen an adventure freak, who made the static skydiving jump.......