Five Essential Foods to Pack When Going Trekking

Five Essential Foods to Pack When Going Trekking

When you plan for a strenuous all day trek, you need to make sure that you have packed proper nutrition for it. This will keep you energized. The things that you carry will replenish your nutrients and reenergize you for the entire trip. However, you need to make sure that you are absolute combination of protein and complex carbohydrate. Thus, you will have the energy that you need to sustain the physical activity of trekking. Make sure that you carry plenty of water for hydration, especially since you will not be close to potable water source.

Here is list of items that you need to carry for your trek.


    Perishables food items are a good choice if you are going for a one day trek. However, you should have the means to keep it cold. Moreover, you need to have enough room of them in your backpack. You can store perishables like chocolates, sandwiches in an insulated container. Make sure that it has an ice pack. Chocolates can give you instant energy and chocolates are also good for your health. Boxes of frozen fruit juices or bags of frozen fruit will keep you food cold for some time. Nonetheless, thaw it by lunchtime. Keep food items like eggs, meat, and mayonnaise cold till you eat them.


    You should stick to the complex carbohydrates and whole grains like fresh fruits and vegetables. Complex carbs tend to release energy at a slower rate than the simple carbs. Thus, you feel fuller for a longer period of time. Make sure that you avoid food that contains too much of sugar. Even though sugar will boost your energy initially, your energy level will be pretty low.There are dieticians who suggest that you need should carry oranges, apples, pears, and other fresh fruits. Fresh vegetables like broccoli and carrots will also help.


    Tuna in shelf-stable pouches are great as hiking food. You can have tuna with cheese slices and whole grain crackers. This offers a filling of protein and fiber. If you want, get a container of peanut butter that will go with the crackers. This will offer some additional protein. Boiled eggs are easy to carry. You can wrap bite-sized pieces of cold and roasted chicken in an aluminum foil. Make sure that you store it in insulated containers.


    You need energy while hiking. Hence, you should pack fats which will burn slowly like nuts and cheese. Hard meats like salami and pepperoni travel quite well. Eat them in lesser amount since it can be high in sodium and fat. You can get beef summer sausage that is packed in shelf-stable rolls. Thus, it does not have to be kept cold. Make sure that you pack harder cheese such as cheddar as it will be easier on the trail.


    Make sure that you have enough water supplies for your trek. Instead of water you can also carry energy drinks. These are useful for trekking long distances. Drinks like salt and sugar and glucose offer essential nutrients to the body. However, the energy drinks should be packed in sealed bottles in order to avoid any kind of contamination. It is great to go out on a trekking adventure to beautiful places. If you pack the right kind of food, you will have an amazing trip.

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