Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building : vXplor Style

We at vXplor understand the true essence of a Corporate Offsite and know how to achieve the perfect balance between underlying Company Objective (Team Building) & Employee mindset (Fun and Celebration). Same is reflected in our corporate motto:

You give us a ‘GROUP OF COLLEAGUES’, we return a ‘GANG OF FRIENDS’

vXplor has its unique ways of team building. We challenge the traditional styles to polished new ways that challenge the mind, trigger the body and get you moving. We are pioneers in Corporate Adventure Tourism, Team Building Exercises and Corporate Event Management. Events/Packages for Corporate groups Delhi/NCR.

Styles of Team  Building

  In Corporate Style of team building, we address the 4 important questions before moving ahead: Type, What, Who and Where…!!!

Corporate Style


Get to know your Team Type

Team Building depends primarily on the Type of Team – We get to know your team first and then build a plan based on your team mix. Various Kinds of Teams 1. Task Force - a temporary team assembled to investigate a specific issue or problem. 2. Problem Solving Team - a temporary team assembled to solve a specific problem. 3. Product Design Team - a temporary team assembled to design a new product or service. 4. Committee - a temporary or permanent group of people assembled to act upon some matter. 5. Work Group - a permanent group of workers who receive direction from a designated leader. 6. Work Team (also called Self-Directed Work Team or Self-Managed Work Team) - an ongoing group of workers who share a common mission who collectively manage their own affairs within predetermined boundaries. 7. Quality Circle (today also under various other names) - a group of workers from the same functional area who meet regularly to uncover and solve work-related problems and seek work improvement opportunities.

Our facilitators: 

“No one learns as much about a subject as the one who teaches it.”

vXplor has impaneled certified and experienced professional trainers and instructors to facilitate your program. These trainers are masters in their field and have long successful stint in management training with various corporate. We share corporate profile of our experts you based on the following:
1.Team Mix
2.Kind of Team Building Required
“It’s not the destination that matters. It’s the change of scene”

Where…do we get it done

We have hand-picked, interesting and natural environment for out of the ordinary corporate training programs and offsite. These picturesque locations are peaceful, close to nature away from the typical home/work environment (cooped up inside four walls). When outside it not only rejuvenates the body but also opens the mind channel allowing new ideas to flow. At such places besides great hospitality, bountiful of nature, fun and frolic there is another very important aspect to vXplor programs – Adventure. You can choose from the following kind of locations
Day outings: Green Resorts, Village Settings, Discs, 5 Stars and more : Click Here
Overnight: Adventure Setting, Jungle Resorts, Camps and more. Click Here
Multiple days: Adventures, treks, Luxury destinations, International locations. Click Here