Comforts Of Backpacking Adventure

Most of northern India is covered with mountain terrain and provides awesome gateways for travellers and adventures alike. However, for adventure freaks camping and backpacking trips are like their second love; but in India it is still restricted to a small population.

I think for a backpacking adventure the most problematic area is the comfort. Eating, sleeping and cleanliness issues are always haunting you whenever you think of backpacking. Cooking food at your campsite and having the simplest food seems very tiresome and bland for taste.

To make matters a bit simpler I suggest some of my comfort stuff that may help you ease of your backpacking trip. Although they may add weight to   your backpack, these simple things do help me get going all the way.


Snickers / Red Bull:

Energy is always a concern and loss of stamina and strength may affect oneself. Therefore packing snickers and Red Bull with you helps you keep your body at par along the way. The love for snicker comes naturally to me as it gives you an ample amount of energy with 4 grams of protein packed into this small stuff, plus it’s tasty and who does not love chocolate.

Red Bull on the other hand gives you wings, the energy drink packed with all vitalizing elements to recover your tiered body. Now as seen mostly people may prefer to take other energy drinks and that’s totally fine, because it is after all your decision. I personally find Red Bull better; but you can take whatever energy drink you like, because it does help a lot.


Sunscreen / Sanitizer / Wet-Wipes:

As backpacking and hiking adventures makes you walk in the sun most of the day, I suggest carrying along with you your sunscreen lotion that can help you avoid sun burn and keep off the heat and make you less irritated by the sun. Anything from SPF40 - SPF60 will work as an excellent sunscreen; now the brand I leave it on you take according to your liking.

Sanitizers are a great way to keep your hand clean and maintain hygiene. These days you get a lot of sanitizers of different brands. I suggest carrying a small 100ml sanitizer; this helps me use it for all purpose and is easy to carry. It can fit into your pocket or pouch easily. Lifebuoy hand sanitizers are preferred by me, but Dettol and Johnson & Johnson also make sanitizers.

Wet-Wipes are basically wet tissues that can be used to cleaning your body. You can easily buy from a chemist shop. Again Johnson & Johnson make baby skincare wipes that are perfect for use and gives you with a fresh feeling. They are also multi-purpose and are very handy.


Ashirwaad Ready to Eat Food:

Cooking food is really tedious after a daylong journey and for this reason; ITC makes ready to eat food. Just add water and heat it; to have an excellent meal. They are must to carry and easily available and tastes good. These save a lot of time and energy. You can select from a variety of food products of Indian cuisine. They are easy to carry as they come in sealed packets that are not affected by altitude and head and have a sufficient expiry date. You can also reseal them in zip pouches in order to make them reusable. Just don’t forget to dehydrate them before sealing them off.


Caps and Headwear:

Any sort of caps and headwear are very effective in keeping your head cool from the sun. Caps are mostly used by most travellers and adventures but another simple alternative is a Buff Headwear: light and cover most of your head and neck portion. In addition it absorbs perspiration and gets dried off easily. Also in rainy weather it gives you good protection. They are a fun way to accessorize in the outdoors, too, which doesn’t hurt!


Forclaz Hiking (Double Layered) Socks:

Forclaz manufactures some of the best hiking socks that keep your feet breathing. They have "Double skin" design to reduce rubbing and the risk of blisters. They have beautiful inner lining and ankle support to ease up your movement when trekking/hiking. In addition there are inbuilt zones in them that help transfer the moisture from one part of your feet. They are specifically designed for the left and the right foot to be worn in that manner to give effectiveness. Carrying extra pair of socks when travelling in snowy or rainy/wet areas is most essential. Using socks that are durable for a long time, rather than changing them again and again is much better.


Hind Pharma e-Chlor (Chlorine Tablets):

Water is most essential during travel, but we do not get pure water everywhere. Thus it is simpler to just carry chlorine tablets with you for purifying any water source. They are really useful and make it easy to travel rather than searching buying water everywhere.

Here are some of my adventures essentials that I like to carry when on a backpacking trip. The products named are purely suggested by me as per my personal liking, you are free to choose any other alternative brands as you wish. Hope next time you would have a much smoother and comfortable backpacking adventure and also be most eager to travel with us on our next backpacking and camping trip.



Dev D Sen Mazumdar is a traveling enthusiast and an adventure freak. Over the last 15 years has trekked to some of the beautiful destinations in India. Kedarnath, Triund, Nag Tibba, Chakrata - Tiger Falls, Hatu Peak are some trek-able destinations that he has covered on foot. His most recent endeavor has been the Rajesthan Road Trip. He is an animal lover and foodie and is always looking for new destination to unravel itself.


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