Air Adventures

Air Adventures

A wing is one thing that has always made man wonder what it would be like if humans had wing. Through several trail & errors today there are plenty of options  available to mankind where one can try and somewhat experience what it feels like to in the air.

For many souls flying without iron caged is an enthralling adventure in itself. The article focuses in four such types of activities where one can experience flying with the help of parachute technically known as canopy

Para Sailing is a mild adventure activity wherein a person is towed with a high speed vehicle on land or water while he/ she is wearing a specially designed parachute/ canopy. With the help of a tow rope the para-sailor is harnessed with a motor boat or a jeep. As the vehicle moves forward the air starts filling in the chute and thus rising taking the person along with it. Depending on how powerful the vehicle is multiple people can be attached to the same canopy.

Where: Pune (Maharashtra), Goa, Mumbai, Delhi, Manali (Himachal)

Season: Round the year except monsoons in case motorboat is used as the vehicle for acceleration.


vXplor Parasailing, Pune

Para Motoring is a self-motored adventure wherein one can be airborne with the help of a motored vehicle attached with a parachute again specially designed to support this particular adventure. This is the quickest and easiest way to explore the skies. Be seated; harness yourself to the equipment, as the vehicle starts moving the air inflates the canopy lifting you up in the air. Since this activity is propelled with the help of a motor one can stay in the air for as long as desired. Generally tandem rides are available wherein the pilot maneuvers the para-motor and the rider seats and enjoys the view. Para motoring is also commonly known as powered paragliding.

Where: Pune (Maharashtra), Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur (Rajasthan), Goa

Season: Round the year


vXplor Paramotoring

Para Gliding, is a competitive non motorized aero adventure wherein a person is harnessed the with the specially designed inflatable paragliding canopy. This activity requires a high hill or mountain acting as a launch pad, after wearing the wings and other accessories the pilot runs few steps for wind to blow up the canopy and you’re floating in the air. The ride can last from few minutes to 2-3 hrs depending on the experience and expertise of the glider.

This is the closet form of bird flying that one can experience. One can enjoy tandem rides for fun and to get the feel however the more serious adventurers can take beginners, intermediate and advance level course to satisfy their thirst. Bir Billing, Himachal is the best paragliding zone in Asia.

Where: Bir Billing (Himachal), Manali (Himachal), Mussorie (Uttrakhand), Mukteshwar (Uttrakhand), Naukuchiyatal (Uttrakhand), Pune (Maharashtra)

Season: Round the year except monsoons


vXplor Paragliding

Para Jumping also known as para trooping or sky diving, is an extreme aero sports wherein the jumper dives from an aircraft which hovers in the air at a minimum altitude of 4500ft. With proper training one learns to maneuver the canopy and land safely, like all other aero sports the canopy for this activity is also specially designed. Strict regulations and controls are in place and is organized by a handful highly specialized professionals. Once can experience the tandem ride with instructor as piggy back. Alternatively there are several levels of courses which one can undertake depending on the interest level starting from Static line jumps.

Where: Gujarat, Pondicherry, MP, Mysore and Pune (Maharashtra)

Season: Round the year except monsoons however the location keeps on varying from time to time.


vXplor Parajumping