Adventure Sports in Leh-Ladakh worth Experiencing

As you Google Ladakh, you will find several sites describing about its location, beauty, culture and tranquility. Thousands of images floating on web give the glimpse into the picturesque landscapes of Leh-Ladakh, attracting large number of tourists each year. The rough terrain, high altitude passes; beautiful valleys and pristine lakes are enough to capture the minds of the tourists especially, the trekkers and mountaineers. It’s no more a surprise, that Ladakh is now hot favorite destination among the adventure travelers throughout the world. So, when you are thinking about indulging in some adventure, visit Ladakh Whether you want to go for mild or hard- core adventure, Ladakh promises something to match up with your taste. Let’s check out some of the adventure sports to enjoy in Leh-Ladakh. Trekking- The foremost adventure making Ladakh popular, is trekking. The different trekking trails satisfy the urge of amateurs as well as professional trekkers. So, unless you want to embark on Ice Chadar Trek, the best time to trek here is from June to September. Some of the best treks of the region are- The Nubra Valley Trek, Markha Valley Trek, Darcha-Lamayuru Trek and Stok Kangri Trek. trekking Mountaineering- Well, mountaineering is not a cup of tea for many of us. Some of us can’t even imagine keeping ourselves in frame at the challenging peaks Ladakh offers. But for the ones who love mountaineering to the core should visit the Suru and Zanskar valleys which provide some of the most difficult climbs. The Nun Kun Massif at 7,077m is very popular and unfortunately gets booked out months before. So, you need to get the booking done well in advance. The other climbs are Pinnacle at 6,930m, White Needle at 6,500m, Z1 at 6,400m and D41 at 5,600m. You can also check out the famous Stok Kangiri Peak and Kangyaze Peak. mountaineering Polo- You can enjoy polo at the Leh Polo Ground. The traditional polo is played on sturdy Zanskari ponies and is quite different from the international games. Here, the game lasts for an hour with a 10 min break and each of the team has 6 players. The best thing in Ladakh is that the game is not only played by rich but is enjoyed by all. Polo tournaments are held each year during the Ladakh Festival in the month of September. polo Archery- Likepolo, archery is also a traditional sport of Ladakh. Archery festivals are held in summer months. The fun and enthusiasm seen during these festivals is a visual delight for the visitors. People enjoy Chang, the local beer made from barley which flows freely. With lots of singing, dancing and drinking, the archery events also give an insight of cultural life of the locals. archery White Water Rafting- If you are a water baby, indulge in rafting adventure at Ladakh. The swift current of Indus and Zanskar Rivers makes rafting an adventure to embark on again and again. The best rafting months are from July to September. rafting Safaris- Ladakh, also known as ‘The land of high passes’ offers undulating views of lush meadows. As a part of mild adventure activity take a camel, yak or jeep ride to enjoy clear blue skies, deep ravines and eternal serenity of the region. The safaris are popular among the tourists. Camel Safaris are available around Hunder. Interestingly, the camels here are blessed with two humps. safari Among the range of exciting adventures in Leh-Ladakh, pick any of them which excite you for unlimited fun.

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