8 Monsoon Destinations to Drench Yourself In

A drop of rain brings so much happiness to one’s soul. You glance through your windows and feel the joy. Even better, if you are standing out in rain, the cold drops of water on your face gives the feeling of eternity. The summers are just getting over round the corner and the heavens are ready to cool it off. The monsoon season is long awaited by people to escape from the scorching summer. What could be a better way to enjoy the monsoon if not visiting some of the beautiful places around you? Lets check out 8 of monsoon destinations to travel this season. #1 Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek - Sonmarg

Kashmir is a paradise on earth as quoted by most travelers. Yet there is an even more extravagant adventure that can be done in Kashmir that will leave you thrilled. The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek (KGLT) is a trekking fiesta that takes you on a wonder journey full of magic moments, awe inspiring views of lush valleys and psychedelic countryside through Kashmir. The 7 day trek takes you across vivid landscapes, snow-capped mountain passes and the 7 lakes of Kashmir valley with shimmering and crystal clear water. The journey starts from Sonmarg till Naranag through various snowy passes and destination to fall in love with. As the path is not traveled by most it has the essence of raw nature, serenity and opportunity to explore which adds up to the charm. #2 Leh-Ladakh


Whether you are adventure enthusiast or not, traveling to Leh – Ladakh has always been a fascination for everyone. Be it a biking adventure or flying through air, destination Ladakh is always a marvel. Be part of the beauty that throbs in most of our hearts, and go back with moments that will breathe their magnificence into your being and will etch themselves firmly in your mind. Leh is a majestic place of monasteries. Leh-Ladakh beckons you with its unspoiled beauty and spirituality that surrounds it. Explore the beauty of this land which is full of spirituality and classic adventures. So be ready to visit the monasteries, lakes, valleys before you make your way back home. #3 Himachal Pradesh: Shoja


A small nestled destination thrives to be visited during monsoons. Shoja: located in the eastern most border of Kullu – Manali; is a beautiful destination for relaxation. It’s serene and verdant beauty, makes it picturesque for the visitors. It is a great place for people who want to take a break from their busy city lives. The natural beauty overwhelms you at the first sight. In addition, there are many trails and around Shoja which are perfect for trekking adding fun to your visit. One of the best places to trek here is the Serolsar Lake and the Waterfall point. During monsoons the flowers bloom throughout the countryside giving a colorful magnificence to the destination. The Raghupur Fort Meadows is a breath taking sight to experience. Cradled by rolling meadows on all its sides high-up in the mountains, it is an idyllic location for getaway. #4 Uttaranchal: Valley of Flowers


One of the most beautiful places on earth comes to life during the monsoon. A place on earth painted with sheer natural beauty on the earthy canvas. The ‘Valley of Flowers’ is a true paradise where relaxation and divinity sink into one’s soul. A destination one should never miss. It is now a sanctuary undertaken by UNESCO, which states it as a major Bio-Reserve, covering over 87.5sq km of area. This bio-diverse hotspot is known for its scenic beauty and has a blend of alpine shrubs and meadows, white streams, snowy peaks and exotic floral species. During monsoons, the complete valley gets tinted with vibrant colors of different flowers. Walking along the valley, you could easily live the dream of a fairyland. As the rain drizzles down, it gives a more magical serenity and the flowers light up as if dancing in joy. # 5 Rajasthan


Why not enjoy some desert rain? Rajasthan during monsoon is ideal for sightseeing. The state has been home to several kings and queens which speaks of its own rich legacy. Every fort in Rajasthan has its own specialty and history, making the state one of the most sort-after destinations worldwide. People from all over world come to visit it for its architectural beauty and fascinating history. Sam desert is mostly visited by adventurers for capturing the picturesque view of the sunset in the desert. During the monsoons it’s much easier to travel around. It also brings a new joy in the hearts of the people. The most adventures way to experience Rajasthan is on a road trip, as it will surprise you throughput the way. #6 Cherrapunji


The city that tops among all others for its highest rainfall worldwide is no doubt a destination to visit during the monsoons. Although Cherrapunji receives rainfall all year round, but during monsoons there is just something magical about this place. The fact being, it majorly rains in Cherrapunji during the night, not affecting the day to day activities of the locals. During monsoons, however, the weather is gloomy throughout the day and the calm breeze just rejuvenates you for a new adventure each day. For those young explorers and adventure freaks there is a lot to be discovered in and around Cherrapunji. The fourth largest waterfall of India: Mawsmai is just a trek away. If you love some crazy adventure, the fascinating labyrinth of underground passages beneath age-old caves is waiting for you. Khasi monoliths (stones in memory of their ancestors) lie dotted around a vague reminder of the forests of Bastar. #7 Shillong


India’s eastern most state has a lot to offer, in the monsoons. Surrounded by two of our neighbouring countries, Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya has a unique topography for adventure lovers and avid travelers. Meghalaya is one of the oldest tribal states that exist till date while Shillong offers the glimpse of its rich old culture and homeliness to all its travelers. From the Mawphlang Sacred Forest to Mongkhnum Island, it has a lot of eye catching glimpses that will be capture your heart and mind for life. For all those adventure lovers, Shillong offers many new trekking/camping destinations; in addition it has facilities of water sports like skiing, yachting and canoeing/kayaking. #8 Kerala: Munnar


We all enjoy the sound of raindrop; the damp smell makes us feel nostalgic and cozy in our homes. Munnar in Kerala is one such destination which will bring you some new memories. The lush green mountains, call for a memorable walk around. Munnar is a hill station in Southern India and its altitude varies in height from 1,500 m to 2,695 m above sea-level. It is pronounced as "Moon-aar" an abbreviation for "Moonuaar" meaning 3 rivers - Madupetti, Nallathanni and Periavaru which flow through this town. The town of Munnar has large tea plantations, which can be visited and one can also help the town farmers in irrigation. Eravikulam National Park, a home to several endangered species of NilgiriTahr (mountain goat), is yet another place to visit here. Munnar being a small town that reflects the traditional countryside; it is an ideal honeymoon destination.


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